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And the strike fighter's mile combat radius was little improvement on the F-4, and percent less than that of the A None of these deficiencies were enough to forestall the Navy's order, though.

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As Hornets deployed, stress from high angle of attack flying resulted in fatigue-related cracks in the tail. McDonnell no longer partnered with Northrop developed structural modification kits to solve the problem. The Hornet's public profile got a big shot in the arm when the Blue Angels chose the airplane to replace their A-4 Skyhawks in The Hornet shined during the Gulf War with historically high readiness and accurate strikes. Just three were lost, including one flown by Marine Capt. Michael Scott Speicher, who is believed to be the first combat casualty of the conflict.

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While the Hornet was dominating the skies, the Navy started looking around for its eventual replacement. A s program to replace the A-6 led to the McDonnell Douglas A Avenger, a stealthy flying-wing aircraft with advanced radar capable of carrying precision weapons. Separately, the Navy sought to replace the F with a carrier-friendly variant of the F Raptor. Meanwhile, Grumman proposed advanced strike and air superiority versions of the F And then, the Soviet Union folded.

With America's rival superpower falling apart, new defense programs found themselves under a microscope. Cost and engineering problems led the Navy to cancel the A in and give up on its own version of the F in Dick Cheney, then the secretary of defense, rejected Grumman's proposals for a souped-up F The Navy had only one alternative: And while these planes share many characteristics with the original Hornet, they are different aircraft. It carries one-third more internal fuel, offering an increase in range over the older Hornet though still not equaling the F A 25 percent larger wing area yields more payload capacity via two additional wing stations.

Bigger leading edge extensions provide improved lift and better pitch characteristics.

General Electric FGE turbofans with 22, lbs. The Super Hornet first flew on November 29, , embarking on a five-year test program, during which time McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing. The test program was praised, but also showed that the Super Hornet's range improvements were marginal—and came at the expense of performance.

Even with those limitations, the "Rhino," as it's nicknamed, has shown its worth. It entered service in and took out surface-to-air missile launchers in Iraq in Rhinos flew close air support, strike, and aerial refueling sorties during the Iraq War and have flown combat missions over Afghanistan continuously. They've been involved in the fight against ISIS, striking the group's strongholds, providing reconnaissance and forward air control.

Another variant, the EAG Growler went into production in and entered service in , replacing the EA-6B Prowler in the electronic attack role. More than Super Hornets have been built, and more are on their way. Because of delays in fielding the FC, the aircraft carrier version of the Joint Strike Fighter, the Navy has ordered more Super Hornets to fill a "fighter gap" as legacy Hornets wear out. Canada recently announced it will buy 18 Super Hornets instead of the F Even Donald Trump has taken notice.

The President-elect caused a ruckus by tweeting that he'd ask Boeing to price out an even better Super Hornet because of the F's extravagant cost. It may not have always been the most highly desired option but it has been the go-to tool for almost every job. Type keyword s to search. By Eric Tegler. US Navy. Related Stories.

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It was released in and developed by Parsoft Interactive. The game's graphics engine was novel in that it rendered flat-shaded polygons over the entire screen area of a color Mac at native resolution.

It garnered a score of 8. Computer Gaming World in stated that " Hornet feels great", praising the game's authenticity but wondering if some inauthenticity with the autopilot and instruments would have made it easier to fly for beginners.


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